Raychiel: I’ve Had Zero Plastic Surgery & I Don’t Use Photoshop

http://www.vladtv.com – 23-year-old Raychiel has been dubbed the “Photoshop Queen” by a portion of her 85,000+ followers, and in her first-ever interview, the Instagram-famous California native lets us in on her secrets, and shuts down the haters who feel she distorts her photos.

“There’s actually a lot – especially Black and Hispanic women – [that are] naturally built like that based off of genetics,” says Raychiel on her notable figure. When it comes to the women who go on her social media pages to bash her, she says when you’re well-liked, haters will say anything to discredit you. “I never know what to say to stuff like that because what do you do when you’re showing yourself even on like videos and Snapchat – and now I’m on Vlad – and then people still…it’s like I’m just hitting a dead wall.”

“I’ve had zero plastic surgery…I have cellulite, I have stretch marks – I’m very natural,” states Raychiel with a laugh. She also states that she does various lower body exercises and Pilates to keep her figure intact, and says she would only consider going under the knife to get work done on her arms. “When I gain weight my arms get bigger and I don’t like that look,” Raychiel explains.

Watch the exclusive clip above to hear more from Raychiel.


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