‘Cinderella’ Foot Plastic Surgery Is Terrifying

In this video you see several types of foot surgery. The bunion surgery is a common practice. My mom even had it in the 80s. For many, bunion removal is necessary, but there are also a lot of cosmetic surgeries for the feet to make them more perfect. Have you ever considered having a surgery like these? Please leave your thoughts about foot surgery and plastic surgery in the comments below!

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To prove their point, the Times highlights one Beverly Hills doctor, Dr. Ali Sadrie, who says these elective cosmetic foot surgeries are so popular that he coined cute little names for them all, so patients can conveniently order them like they’re choosing the Mai Tai at Dry Bar (except scarier). These procedure names range from the Perfect 10 (toe shortening) to the Model T (toe lengthening) to the Cinderella, where Dr. Sadrie simply alters your foot to the shape of a shoe you want to wear, but can’t. Because, you know, why buy another pair of shoes if your foot doesn’t fit the first pair? That would be crazy.

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