Karrine Steffans: Some Surgeries Can Get to Point of Deformity

http://www.vladtv.com – Karrine Steffans opened up to VladTV about her thoughts on plastic surgery, and while she admits to having gotten surgery herself, the famed author thinks there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Steffans explained, “It’s kind of a deformity at some point, you know?,” and she added, “I don’t like the skinny legs and the big fake butts.”

During the conversation Karrine also spoke about why she chose not to appear on E!’s hit show Botched to repair her 17-year-old saline breasts. When asked about why she didn’t got through with appearing on the show, Karrine explained she had a falling out with producers after they chose a “ghetto” house to pose as her actual home.

Check out more of what she had to say on the situation above.