SOS 4: KOREANS TALK PLASTIC SURGERY 성형에 대한 서울인의 생각: 길거리 인터뷰

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Hey musers!!! I’m sure you’ve heard the words, ‘South Korea’ and ‘plastic surgery’ in a sentence together somewhere, and of the high school plastic surgery graduation presents from parents to their children. Gangnam is an area that’s literally filled with plastic surgery hotels and buildings, sometimes with five clinics to a building. Women and men can be seen walking around with masks.

Have you ever wondered… How? Why? Or perhaps you don’t think it’s so unusual, but simply are curious about what Koreans have to say about it.

Well, I’ve gone and asked, to scratch those itches for you, even if just a little:

What do Koreans really think of plastic surgery?
How common is it? Is it still taboo at all?
Do many students do it? How is the school environment in regards to students returning with different features?
How do they feel about how South Korea is portrayed as ‘The Plastic Surgery Capital’ by the international media? Do they feel it is fair or unfair?
From a Korean perspective, both local and foreigners now living in Korea, why has PS become such a big thing, and has it always been this way?
If someone offered to give them a complete celebrity makeover with plastic surgery for free, would they do it?
How do they feel about their partners/bfs/gfs having had plastic surgery?
What do they think of true beauty?

Some serious, some not-so-serious, but still trying to get to the core of it, I got some answers I didn’t expect.

What do you think about Plastic Surgery? Would you say yes to the offer of a free plastic surgery makeover, and why or why not?


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